Spirit of Hven


Hvens Bicycle Rental

Experience Hven in the best way

Tycho Brahe-museum

The tale and found by the Danish scientist

Café Tycho Brahe

Lunch and coffee in a cultural-historical environment

House of Ven

Accommodation and restaurant out of the ordinary

Camp Ven & Stranskrogen

Stay in the nature and each other's company

Bread On Wine

Good food while enjoying the sun

Restaurant Ella

Lunch and dinner class special

Kiosk in Kyrkbacken / SKJ

The small cozy kiosk

The Hven Bus

Shuttlebus on the beautiful island


Ivan's Wagon Trail

Nova Harmonia

If you are looking for peace

Paviljong 1916

The shop for soul and heart

Mitt på Hven

Serving both hot dishes and coffee


Electric and eco-friendly golf carts can be rented to explore Hven's beautiful surroundings.


Hvens Vävstuga & Tuna Cottage

Villa Tuna

Quality accommodation in Villa Tuna

Tuna Krog

Simple and good food in historic surroundings

Agnes tapas

Serving a delicious little dishes

Ninna Mandin Silver

Jewelry inspired by the magic island of Hven


Hvens first alpaca


Punctuality, security and comfortable transportation

Hven Durum

Made on Sweden's best durum flour


The small cozy smokehouse on the quay in Kyrkbacken