At Vendala, a beautiful farm probably several hundred years old, Karen Alm lives and works today

Tunaboden is a living workshop where Karen Alm either produces Malvalampettes or sits and sews. Here you will find various textile products, wooden mats, bags, apron and Malvalette for sale. Here you can also cool with an ice cream during the summer.

Tuna Stugan
Detached holiday home with room for 6 people, overview of the open landscape and Øresund.

The house has an inviting living room with a sofa bed and a loft with two beds and a beautiful view. Tiled spacious bathroom and kitchen available in newly built part from 2009. Cozy courtyard with morning and evening sun, where barbecue facilities are available.

Hvens Vävstuga
Hven weaving lodge offers individual courses with activities all year round. The weaving lodge has 6 weaveingchairs of different sizes.

Hven’s weaving cabin arranges courses for groups, schools and people who want to weave their own blanket, bag or runner. You don’t have to weave. You just need to be able to count on 4, so you get help getting started if you need help. The fabrics are twisted, rolled double and rosewood, and on all fabrics there is a cloth. Precut cloths are available.

Tuna Boden, Hvens Vävstuga & Tuna Stugan

Phone: 073-064 15 98

Tuna byväg 12
26013 Sankt Ibb

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