Hven and Jeppe invite you to excursions, accommodation and experiences

Hven rises from the sea, but once you have come up from the coastal slopes (Backafallerne), then Hven’s plateau is nicely level and ideal for transport of various kinds.

Through the landscape, the asphalted main road makes its way down to each of the 3 idyllic harbours. In addition, the island is crossed by paths and dirt roads, which make it possible to explore every corner of the island either on foot or by bike.

M/S Jeppe's Cafe

M/S Jeppe’s cafe on board is always open. Here you can buy light meals, coffee and tea, beer, wine and water, sausage and bread, chocolate and sweets and more.

You can also pre-order smørrebrød, salads and platters and more from Sundbusserne’s own famous kitchen.

When you pre-order, you will be covered when you board the ferry.

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Facts about Hven

Did you know this about Hven?


Country: Sweden


Commune: Landskrona


Distance to Skåne: 4.5 km


Distance to Zealand: 7.5 km


Length: 4.5 km


Width: 2.4 km


Circuit: 11.7 km


Area: 760 ha


Highest point: 45 m


Residents: approx. 370


Currency: SE


Animals: Cockchafer

VisitHven is a private association of partners on Hven

It all takes place in collaboration with Sundbusserne. If you do not find the information you are looking for on the page here, Visit Landskrona, which is the official tourist information for Hven and Landskrona, can inform you about attractions, activities, events, accommodation etc.