Do you need to bring a passport to Hven?

Due to border controls, a valid photo ID (such as a driving license) must be included when entering Sweden

Is there an ATM at Hven?

Unfortunately not.

Most major places such as Spirit of Hven, Backfallsbyen, Hven Durum, Hamnkrogen, Prästasvangens Turist og Konferenscenter, Turistgården, Hvens bicycle rental, St Ibbs Golfklub, Tycho Brahe museum, Vensevent, Vens Hytter and Camping etc. accepts the usual credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, etc.

When can I board the ferry?

Around 15 minutes before departure. Please come in good time – this is of great help to the shipping company so that they can sail on time.

Can I bring a pram or stroller on board?

Yes you can.

You just need to be aware that on fully booked departures you may be asked to move a pram or pram to either the lower or upper deck of the ferry.

This only applies to regular prams and prams. Bicycle trailers that are designed as such cannot be included.

Are there toilets on board?

Yes, there are several toilets on board M/S Jeppe.

Is there food on board?

Yes, there is a kiosk on board, from which a selection of drinks and snacks is sold. Breakfast can be pre-ordered.

Are there buses on Hven?

Skånetrafiken has buses that run in relation to the arrival and departure of the ferry.

You can read more about departure times and prices about Venbussens here.

How do I get to Nordre Toldbod?

The easiest way is to go to Østerport Station by bus, train or Metro and go down to Nordre Toldbod. It takes about 15 minutes.

Can I bring my car to Hven?

No, unfortunately not with M/S Lea Elizabeth.

The road is not ideal for driving, but if the car is to be used, you can travel via Landskrona, from where car ferries depart.

Park your car at home and rent a bike or take the local bus during your visit to Hven.

Can I pay with Danish money at Hven?

Most places accept Danish kroner, but the price is 1 to 1.

Is it allowed to camp at Hven?

The entire Hven is classified as a nature reserve or wetland, and the Swedish public rule does not apply to Hven.

It is prohibited to camp, grill and pick flowers in the open air. On the other hand, you can camp and grill at Hven campsite and use the barbecue areas in Bäckviken and Kyrkbacken harbor.

Can I travel Hven in 1 day?

Hven is only 4.5 km long and 2.4 km wide, and the approx. 12 km long cycle route along the coast can be covered in one hour.

Can you rent a bicycle helmet from the bicycle rental company?

No. Remember to bring your own bicycle helmet.

Can MobilePay be used?

Ven is a Swedish island. MobilePay is a Danish payment system. So unfortunately it cannot be used.

Can I bring my own bicycle?

Yes, you can purchase a bike ticket and bring your own bicycle. Please note, that it is not possible to bring cargo bikes or any other “special sized” bikes on board.

Can I bring my dog?

Your dog is welcome on board, but for the sake of other passengers, it cannot enter the salons.

You must also provide an EU dog passport and then you must report the visit to Sweden to the Swedish Customs Administration and the Swedish Agricultural Agency at this link:

Worth knowing about tickets

  1. When you book your ticket you will receive the ticket per mail. This can be printed or displayed on the mobile at check-in.
  2. You must remember to book tickets for everyone, including children under the age of 3 even if they travel for free.
  3. A family ticket includes 2 adults and 2 children, with several people buying remaining tickets separately.

Worth knowing about the purchase of food

By purchasing food you are guaranteed a seat during the journey.