When you stay at Camp Ven you choose nature and each other's company

Luxury is delivered based on the location, the environment and the experiences we can only get when we are with those we like.

Sleep in a tent

Fall asleep to the sound of calm waves from the sea.

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Rent a cottage

Sleep with a roof over your head.

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Luxury Camping

Glamping, the island’s most glamorous form of camping.

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At Camp Ven you can stay in your own tent all the way to the beach or under the green roofs of the trees up in the lovely forest in the camp./span>

Strandkrogen, which is located in Camp Ven, serves simple, honest and well-prepared food with a couple of safe classics and rolling menus with a thematic starting point in the island’s and the region’s seasonal inspiration.

Here, we strive for an informal and loving environment with room for everyone and with room for social presence between the guests. Enjoy a cup of coffee, something cold on a hot day, a family breakfast or dinner.

Cozy, being together, relaxing and nice!

When you are a guest at Camp Ven, there are plenty of opportunities to do exactly what you want. On the site itself possibility for mini-golf, bread baking over bonfires, bike rental, walking tours, online detox and much more.

Only your imagination sets the limit for what you can do at Camp Ven!


260 13 Sankt IBB

Tlf: +46 (0)418 725 50
Mail: [email protected]